Armor Clash II-CODEX
Apr 10, 2017
Armor Clash II-CODEX
Armor Clash II-CODEX
Armor Clash II-CODEX
Armor Clash II-CODEX
Armor Clash II-CODEX
Armor Clash II-CODEX

Armor Clash II is an old-school RTS game, with classic features like base building, modern armors and navies etc. 2 factions and sub-factions for each one, from high tech stealth destroyers to hardcore battleships. In Skirmishes players build base from the start, while in the Random Generated Mission, fast paced combats start immediately. Local network multiplayers are also available, players can fight each other or co-op against AI.

Core Feature:

1. Base building, armor, air force and navy.

2. 2 faction: Gaia, the high tech army of 21th century, and the Steel Alliance, hardcore veterans from 1980s.

3. Sub-factions with special units.

4. Replayable Skirmishes.

5. Local network multiplayers for 4 players at max.

6. Random generated combat mission, quick battles start on random map.

7. Veterans level up with appearances change, commander abilities etc.

8. Windows, Mac and Linux support.

For Future:

1. Continuous update, new units, maps and sub-factions for free.

2. Steam VR support coming soon.

Story Line:

In 2035, the Artificial Intelligence technology got a qualitative leap. Top scientists of the world completed the most ambitious project of human being, the Global Artificial Intelligence Assembly, known as 'Gaia'.

Gaia is build on the cloud. She connects all devices from cell phones on the hand to satellites in the space. Gaia collects all information, from which kind of hamburger you like last week, to all the stock deals in past 10 years, then analyses the mass data by assembling computing resources all over the world, and finally calculate the 'ultimate solution' for every human being. For the common people, Gaia will tell he or she what to do for every minute, to eat which food or read which article. It is not an order, but people always find that by following Gaia's suggestion it always benefits most. For the army, Gaia play as the commander, she can calculate the best move for each soldier on the field at the same time, and finally lead them to victory, without anyone wounded.

Not like in Hollywood movies, Gaia did not build Skynet to eliminate human, or build her drone army to conquer the world. Followed by the first principle in her source code, "Help but not replace human", Gaia served human well. But the real conflict come from human them self: Many people realized that because of Gaia, human do not think any more, and finally abandoned their freedom. At the beginning, it is just some kind of idealism, but when AI let more and more people lose their job, it became rebellion. Most of them are elites in the past, but become useless when Ai came: No fund manager is useless because AI always give the best financing solution; Gaia can command soldiers directly through the holo-glass, so officers are not needed. Even the scientists who make Gaia are not escaped, a scientific AI study matrix can do all the life-time work of a professor, but only in an hour.

Finally, those elites in the past decided to fight against Gaia, but soon they found all devices and weapons are controlled by Gaia. Cameras and drones spreads everywhere in cities, human forces even had no place to hide. So they banished themselves to abandoned industrial cities, they rebuild factories, using the technologies of 80s, which seems to be out dated but Gaia can not connect to. They re-active tanks and attack helicopters in the steel cemetery, rebuild battleships of WW2, some report said that they even rebuild the space shuttle platform. At last, they build up a settlement and their armies, without Gaia's control, they called themselves "Steel Alliance".

Now, the war between Gaia and Steel Alliance is inevitable, no matter which side you are, good luck, commander:)

System Requirement


OS: 64 bit Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Processor: 2.5 GHz CPU

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: DX11 Compatitable Graphic card, NVIDIA GForce 460

Storage: 8 GB available space


OS: 64 bit Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Processor: 3 GHz CPU

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: DX11 Compatitable Graphic card, NVIDIA GForce 770/AMD HD 7870

Storage: 8 GB available space


- Extract

- Burn or mount the .iso

- Run setup.exe and install

- Play